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Eureka Sample #5: Horror Plots — and Preorders Open June 28th!

Eureka Preorders

We’ll be opening up preorders for our upcoming book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters [1] on Monday, June 28th!

On the 28th, you’ll be able to preorder the book on the Engine Publishing [2] website and get immediate access to the PDF, weeks before the print edition is available.

That means it’s time for our final sample…

Horror Plots

I’m a big horror fan, especially of the Lovecraftian variety, and we covered a lot of ground with Eureka’s 167 horror plots.

Download sample Eureka horror plots (PDF) [3]

Like our plots from the other two “big three” genres, fantasy and sci-fi, Eureka’s horror plots are also easy to adapt to other genres, and one of my favorite ways to use horror plots — in non-horror games — is well-supported in this book.

This is our final sample before preorders open, and it completes our overview of Eureka. We wanted to give you a complete picture of what you’d be getting in this book, and I hope you like what you see.

If you missed the earlier samples, here they are:

I’ll also be pulling together a compiled sample before too long, so you can access everything in one place.

We’ve got a couple of cool things planned for launch day, included a badass contest in which you can win a pair of hand-crafted, metal-inlaid, multi-genre d6s. Stay tuned!

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#1 Comment By Patrick Benson On June 22, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

OH YEAH!!!! 🙂