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Future Gnomenclature Updates

Gnomenclature is an evolving document. As time goes on, old definitions go out of style (remember the “Caller?”), new definitions emerge (take a Tardis back to the 1980s and ask someone what a “pdf” is), and some definitions change over time. As the GNOMEnclature STEWard (okay, that made me giggle and groan at the same time :)), I’ll be periodically updating the glossary.

If you’re a glossary junkie like me, you’ll probably want to keep checking back to see what’s changed. With the size of our glossary, this can be a daunting task, and frustrating if you go from A to Z and not find anything new. I could keep adding updates to the comments, but that’s going to get unwieldly after a while.

Instead, I’ve decided to add a “Latest Updates” line to the top of the glossary. Not only will you see the updates (or lack thereof), but they will be linked to the new definitions. Cool, huh?


Walt Ciechanowski

About  Walt Ciechanowski

Walt’s been a game master ever since he accidentally picked up the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set in 1982. He became a freelance RPG writer in 2005 and is currently the Victoriana Line Developer for Cubicle 7. Walt lives in Springfield, PA with his wife Helena and their three children, Leianna, Stephen, and Zoe.

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1 Comment To "Future Gnomenclature Updates"

#1 Comment By penguin133 On August 31, 2008 @ 4:05 am

I enjoyed it all right, Walt! There were a couple of terms in there I had never heard, and I have been playing since the Seventies! If you want a pun, try what the landlord says over here when he is trying to throw out the customers at closing time, so he can shut the pub; “Ain’t yer got an Gnome to go to?” NOW you can groan!
Ian Winterbottom