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I got an email the other day (by way of our Suggestion Pot) from Gnome Stew reader BishopOfBattle asking a great question: How do the Gnomes approach and deal with the (planned) “no-win” scenario? Recently my players were faced with such a scenario during the BBEG reveal, they were asked to side with him or face “certain” death. In this case, it was presented to them as a no-win scenario to the characters, but was not intended to actually be so, with opportunities for the […]


Gnome Stew reader Roxysteve emailed me to suggest that I review the Noteboard, a fold-out pocket whiteboard with a blank side and a gridded side that’s got all sorts of gaming uses, and I took his suggestion (thanks, Roxysteve!). It seemed like a product Gnome Stew readers would be interested in hearing about, as well as something I’d use myself, and it was only $10 plus shipping — an easy sell right off the bat. It looks like a simple product on the surface, but […]


A couple years ago I wrote an article about how, while I consider myself a Gnome-worthy Game Master, I never managed to finish most of my campaigns. Sometimes I couldn’t do anything about it; circumstances ended the campaign. At other times, I was lucky enough to have some time to wrap things up. Gnome Stew Reader Jason recently asked: A campaign I am running needs to wind down early. The players want closure on the threads hanging in the story. Do I get them together […]


IcebergTitanic had a question that will hopefully end more successfully than his handle’s history. Similar to the questions on Metagaming, I would like to see an article on how a GM can give hints and clues for a story without the players immediately leaping upon it. You know, the old “if the GM mentioned it, it must be important!” Example: The PC’s are meeting an important dignitary for dinner, and the noble goes, “Ouch!” as he apparently gets a nasty splinter from his chair. The […]

Crock Pot

Dipping a ladle into our suggestion pot, I see that NinjaBait had a question about setting details: I’ve been a DM/GM for several years now. I’ve never had any complaints about my stories or settings, but I’ve never felt very comfortable with describing what I’m seeing in my head. “The pungent stench of mildew emanates from the wet dungeons walls as stagnant water sloshes around your feet” becomes “you’re in a sewer and standing in about a foot of water”. How can I improve my […]

Over at the Suggestion Pot, Gnome Stew reader and high-level Cleric BishopOfBattle cast Divination (or maybe it was Find the Path; I’ve taken too many negative levels in d20 to be an expert). Anyway, he asked: How do the Gnomes go about getting better player feedback? Often articles mention "Ask your players" but I often have difficulty getting useful (or sometimes any) feedback from my players. In a beautiful example of irony, this picture is from “stock.xchng” This is not an uncommon topic. I’ve seen […]


Caring about characters is a tricky thing. Many GMs struggle just to get players to like their own character–to treat their character as a person, with coherent thoughts and feelings, instead of viewing their character as an attractive array of powers and stats. Once you do reach that lofty pinnacle of caring about your character, there’s a further step awaiting. Now that your character is becoming vivid and real to you… what about all of those other characters at the table? Unwinder’s question touches on […]