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From the moment I read the Fiasco rules (link and link) I knew that there was something special about this game. Within its short 135 pages was a game of pure brilliance, finely tuned to a specific type of play and yet structured to allow for nearly unlimited re-playability. While I have enjoyed playing Fiasco numerous times over the last year, my inner game designer has been curious about what makes this game tick, and what you can tinker with. Recently, my inner designer’s wishes […]

Before I get to the the review, I need to tell you my feelings about ham. Trust me. There is a point to this. I do not like ham. Never have. I like bacon, pork chops, and pork roast, but I have never liked ham. I cannot blame this on ham though, because this is a matter of my personal tastes. You can serve a world class Virginia smoked ham prepared by Woflgang Puck and I probably still would not like it. Every time that […]

This review has been a long time in the coming. I’ve had both of these books on my shelf for a while* and I’ve been sitting on doing the review for no real particular reason. Neither of these books were comp copies and this review is unsolicited. These are just two products that I’ve had for a while and wanted to review. Ok, lets talk about the books, and to talk about those we have to talk about GameplayWright Press. Back when I was first […]

So imagine this situation, it is about 1 day until game time and your encounter with the BBEG or a very important plot piece or fight is slated to happen in the next game. Unfortunately, the characters aren’t quite ready to take it on or the player who has backstory hooks isn’t going to be there. Darnit, what do you do? The obvious answer is to stall and delay the big game until next session, but you still want to run today and you need […]

“Life is like a box of ammo.” – Duke Nukem At Con on the Cob (about which much more later), I ran across one of the cooler props I’ve seen in the last year (including Gen Con).  These are the AmmoCounters from Das Spiel Unker (a German pun for ‘The Basement Gamer’). Some background: In addition to RPGs (and parentheses), I am a fan of firearms. I reload my own ammunition, shot competitive pistol events, and still have the .22 rifle I got for my […]


After seeing a preview of Outbreak: Undead (warning: has sound) online, and then again at GenCon, I knew I wanted to review this game for the Stew. I love zombies, horror, survival horror, and all the intersections thereof, and Outbreak: Undead (OU) is a zombie survival horror RPG — right up my alley. It’s also an “avatar game,” an RPG in which you play a character based on yourself (though you can, of course, also play any kind of character you like), which presents some […]


Filling the Empty Chair is a PDF resource designed to help gamers find people to play with. Written by Johnn Four, the the editor of Roleplaying Tips, it combines player-finding advice with freely-available information. It’s a 30-page PDF available for download from for $7. This is a review of Version 1.03. As the back of the book indicates, this is a “living document” and may be updated as resources change, etc. Johnn emailed me and asked if I’d like to review Filling the Empty […]