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The folks at Hunters Books recently sent me a review copy of their newest RPG, Outbreak: Deep Space, a sci-fi survival horror game in the vein of movies like Event Horizon and Aliens and video games like Resident Evil. Like their first game, Outbreak: Undead, Outbreak: Deep Space tweaks what you might typically expect from a traditional RPG (insomuch as “traditional” is a useful descriptor, etc.), particularly from a GMing standpoint. Given that GMing is our focus on the Stew, that tends to be something […]


And by 8 previous reviews, I of course mean a gazillion. When we put out the call for You Pick It Reviews, Numenera was one of the big ones on the list. I half considered letting the many other reviews: Numenera Reviews On Google (Too many to list individually) and videos out there just speak for it, but as I looked through my copy, I couldn’t help but write about it. Cook catches me in his introduction, and in the incredible art, when […]


That time of year has come around again and Gencon is just a week away. One of the biggest things at Gencon is the dealer’s hall –  bursting with a plethora of gaming products and goodies. All of the Gnomes attending Gencon are planning to pick up some fun things for ourselves, but we’d love to have excuses to pick up even more, and one excuse is reviewing it for the Gnome Stew community. Let us know what products you’d like to see reviewed and […]


Battle Boards, a product that just launched on Kickstarter, are magnetic, dry-erase battle grids that can be combined using velcro strips. (They have no connection to Battlegraph Dry Erase Tiles, aka Battle Boards, which we reviewed here back in 2009.) Although we’ve reviewed products like this before on the Stew — Battlegraph Dry Erase Tiles, noted above, as well as Tact-Tiles in 2006 and Automagic Tiles just last month — Battle Boards don’t fall into quite the same category as those products. Yes, they’re modular […]


A bit less than a year ago I wrote about the patronage project for Open Design’s Midgard Campaign Setting, which has now been released by Kobold Press ($39.99 softcover + PDF). I was offered a review copy, and as a fan of Wolfgang’s work and a GM with a hearty appetite for fantasy campaign settings, I gladly accepted. Midgard already sounded like it would be my kind of setting book a year ago when I first heard about it, and it is. Like most of […]

Gaming Conventions

It is that time again! Time for Gen Con, for the games, the seminars, the people…and the shopping! I love shopping at Gen Con. Throughout the year, I keep my non-digital purchases to a minimum, so that Thursday morning of Gen Con I can hit the floor and go on a spending spree. I still love physical books, and I like nothing more than to buy them face to face, in many cases with the people who make them. If you are not going to […]

At Marcon this year, aside from making $100 dollars for charity the hard way, I played in a playtest of a game called curse the darkness (lowercase, as if it were being whispered). It is being created by Matt McFarland and you can find more info about it on the curse the darkness  homepage or its kickstarter. You can also see the post about our game session here. I’m going to do a review of the game based off of my play experiences and the […]