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Quite some time back, I did an interview with some of the people behind Hero Forge, a very successful kickstarter that funded the creation of a website and printing solution for creating custom miniatures. Playing many games that have characters that don’t fit standard molds, the concept intrigued me greatly. I backed it the moment I heard about it and when it was ready I created some miniatures. This is a hands on review of 14 miniatures I created through Hero Forge. The Miniatures/Process I […]


Ralph Clark from Ingression Point asked me if I’d be up for reviewing a pre-release set of his company’s dry-erase Automagic Tiles, which are currently being funded through Kickstarter. I’m a fan of dry-erase tiles for tactical mapping, so I said yes; a package of tiles arrived a few days later. This review is based on pre-release tiles that might differ from the finished product. What has come before It’s impossible for me to review Automagic Tiles outside of the context of two similar products […]


Today’s guest article was written by Tom Puketza, and he has some practical rules for time-strapped GMs looking to create their own tabletop terrain — as well as a fantastic finished piece — to share. Thanks, Tom! Like any gamer, I like tiles, scenery, and terrain. Like any responsible adult, I have a built in conflict with the expense and time it takes to purchase or make the stuff. Still, I caught the terrain bug somewhere. I hold this man responsible. Nonetheless, as good as […]


Sometimes we fail to see the forest for the trees. I have found myself so caught up in trying to perfect one particular aspect of my game that I blinded myself to the whole of the game itself. It is easy to become focused and obsessed on a few details that seem oh so important the night before the game, but that really are not deserving of so much attention. A few of the monumental wastes of my time in the pursuit of perfection have […]


  I find that a great amount of immersion can be gained by introducing some kind of 3D mapping element to the game. In this video, I talk about a few cheap and simple 3D mapping options that you can use to build maps on the fly. Since not everyone can check out a video at work or on their phones, here is a brief transcription of the video with some screenshots. Why 3D 3D mapping brings the action of the game off of the […]

It’s safe to say that I’m a bit of an easy sell when it comes to miniatures. Every time I go into a game store, I buy dice or miniatures from their bargain bin. The fantasy games I generally play call for odd or unique minis, so your standard knight in armor rarely works, especially when I need minis to represent the vast array of unique enemy personalities. I also like to use big miniatures when there are big enemies, but those get real expensive. […]


What’s the Crock Pot? Just a simmering bowl of lentils and herbs, with a dash of GMing observations. Don’t be afraid to dip in your ladle and stir, or throw in something from your own spice rack. We’ve had so many fine suggestions in the Stew lately about how to apply templates to your game prep. DNA Phil wrote about his goals in this regard and Gnome-in-chief Martin Ralya has shared how he applies it to his Star Trek game. But to be honest, I’m […]