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Two of our books, Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game and Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep, have been nominated for Golden Geek Awards! Thank you very much to everyone who nominated our books. Voting for the winners is open until October 31. The voting booth is on RPGGeek, as are the voting instructions. Unfortunately, voting isn’t open to everyone, only to RPGGeek members who have an avatar or are supporters of RPGGeek. If that’s you and you’re so […]

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As a thank you to our fans, we’ve added EPUB and MOBI versions of all three of our books to each book’s download package, and if you bought any of our books in PDF (or received the PDF through another legitimate channel, like as a contest prize), you’re automatically entitled to a free update that includes the new files. Many thanks to Robert Kern and Darren Hardy for creating these new versions! From conversion to tweaking to multi-platform testing, both of these guys knocked it […]


Gnome Stew and our second book, Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game, are nominated for a total of three GenCon EN World RPG Awards (“ENnies”) this year, and we would greatly, greatly appreciate it if you voted for us. Voting takes about 30 seconds, is free, and requires no login, and you don’t have to vote in every category. The voting booth is open until July 29. If you want to vote for us, it’s super-easy: Head over to the voting page Scroll […]


The 2012 ENnie nominations were just announced, and Gnome Stew has been nominated for Best Blog, and our book Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game was nominated for Product of the Year and Best Aid/Accessory. I just about pissed my pants when I saw my email this morning, and I still haven’t totally absorbed the news. I’ve said this in the past, but it remains no less true today: Our fellow nominees are awesome, and represent some crazy-stiff competition. Congratulations to all of […]


The launch of Hangouts on Google+ has been a boon for virtual gaming. While I’ve never tried G+ Hangout gaming myself, I’m curious about it and I know folks who do. (My reason for not trying it yet is schedule-related.) Tabletop Forge is an app specifically designed for virtual gaming on G+. It includes map functions, die rolling, whispers, and other features designed to make this type of gaming easier and more fun. Currently in open beta, it’s been very well received. To take the […]

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This year, we’re trying something new: A Cyber Monday sale, today only, on DriveThruRPG: $16.95 for the Masks + Eureka PDF bundle (normally $26.95, or $16.95 individually), and $9.95 for Masks or Eureka separately (normally $16.95). This is the best price we’ve ever offered on Masks and Eureka in PDF, and it will only last until the end of the day Here are the links: Masks + Eureka PDFs for $16.95 Masks PDF for $9.95 Eureka PDF for $9.95 Enjoy!


Imagine, if you will, a geek dad who has a lot on his plate who knew that Gnome Stew’s 1,000th article was fast approaching, but kind of lost sight of it over the past few days. And imagine that on that fateful day that fellow posted a request for Gnome Stew readers to help our book, Masks, get nominated for a Golden Geek Award…and totally didn’t catch that that would be article #1,000. That fellow was me, that day was yesterday, and while I caught […]