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Yes. Kurt is wearing a mask.

Every year at this time I write my Gen Con recap, which is often a list of things I saw, people I met, and games I played. This year I am going to save that for G+. Instead, I want to sum up some GMing topics which came up in the various seminars I attended. After all this is a GMing blog, an Award Winning GMing blog at that, so lets stick to GMing. Talkin’ Shop One of the things I love at Gen Con […]


This article is long overdue. I had intentions of playing SoE before I wrote the article about the game mechanics, but alas the Autumn is a very busy time for me at work, and quickly my time to organize a game and test drive SoE evaporated. As not to delay things too long, I will review the game mechanics as someone who has 30 years of gaming, and hundreds of systems under my belt. So let’s take a tour of the mechanics of Shadows of […]

Shadows of Esteren Crew

As part of the You Pick It…I Review It for this year, you requested that I review Shadows of Esteren. As you commanded I have obeyed, and have been hard at work reading this tome. After reaching a certain point in the book, I decided to break this review into two parts. So today’s article is a review of the Shadows of Esteren setting: Tri-Kazel. A few weeks from now, I will return with the second part: the review of the game mechanics. Rendez-vous à la Gen […]


Thanks to you, the readers and fans of Gnome Stew and Engine Publishing, we took home not one but two Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (ENnies) this year — and not silver, but gold in both cases! Your votes earned the Stew and our second book, Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game, two gold awards: Best Blog for Gnome Stew and Best Aid/Accessory for Masks. (Masks was also nominated for Product of the Year, a category shared by Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and […]


This will be my 13th Gen Con (I think — it might be my 12th), and every year I go I try to iterate and learn from past years. Every year, my Gen Con crew also tends to do something a bit different overall — and this year, we’re going for a full-on “ad hoc con.” We have zero events booked (although attending the ENnies is on the roster), and zero event tickets — not even generics. Instead of scheduling events, we’re going to run […]

Gaming Conventions

It is that time again! Time for Gen Con, for the games, the seminars, the people…and the shopping! I love shopping at Gen Con. Throughout the year, I keep my non-digital purchases to a minimum, so that Thursday morning of Gen Con I can hit the floor and go on a spending spree. I still love physical books, and I like nothing more than to buy them face to face, in many cases with the people who make them. If you are not going to […]

Vornheim Cover

This year for the annual You Pick It, I Review It , you selected Vornheim: The Complete City Kit. I ventured to GenCon, and in the first hour of the dealer’s floor opening I had this small book in my hands. Now after returning from GenCon, recovering from the Con Crud, and taking care of a few other books that had to get read first (prep for a new campaign), I have completed my review of this book. I will share with you my thoughts […]