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Holy shit, this book! If you like random fantasy tables, fantastic old-school fantasy artwork, or Jason Sholtis, that may be all the review you need. I’ll add a sentence for good measure: The Dungeon Dozen is one of the best gaming books I’ve bought in recent memory, and a fantastic value. Need a sample? Here’s the blog it’s based on, which is chock full of goodness: The Dungeon Dozen. It’s available on Lulu in softcover and hardcover, and you should absolutely buy a copy. (I […]


Your supermarket may still make the option available but for a few years now that oft-repeated question has no longer been uttered at my local market. Instead, the prevalent decision was made for us in that, unless you specifically wanted paper, you’re getting plastic. Move on with the times! (Besides, you should be bringing your own reusable canvas bags, just sayin’…) In our RPGs there are a few anachronistic trappings that have been left back in the annals of time—although a few make their occasional […]


  I am going to disclaim 2 things before getting this article going: If you have not yet seen the new Hobbit movie, there will be spoilers. Peter Jackson’s new Hobbit movie steps on my childhood and crushes it into the dirt, but it was a great movie. I grew up in Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth. My first experience was with the Rankin-Bass cartoon of the Hobbit as a very young child, and that led me to try to puzzle through my mom’s copies of […]


This is the second article in my rather widely-separated series on three Lamentations of the Flame Princess products for GMs. The first was about Carcosa, a sci-fi/fantasy sandbox setting that would work equally well for D&D (and related games) or Call of Cthulhu; the third will be about Zak Smith’s Vornheim (which Phil reviewed last year). As with Carcosa, I received a free copy of Isle directly from LotFP. Like my take on Carcosa, this isn’t a review — it’s a spotlight on Isle of […]


  With Halloween having just passed, many of you were likely to have been inundated with hordes of costumed trick-or-treaters or co-workers. Halloween is a wonderful holiday, and one of my favorites, primarily for the costumes. Donning a costume doesn’t change anything about the person wearing it, but it does change the perceptions of everyone seeing the person. My Indiana Jones costume is little more than the clothes and jacket that I wear to work on a daily basis, with the addition of a fedora. […]


What sort of monster goes best with pastries, jam and a bowl of steaming oatmeal? Well, as it turns out, there’s room for … Lizardfolk lurking under a bridge over a dry gully. Brain-eating zombies on the wrong side of a stuck portcullis. An evil cleric masterminding something nefarious in a defiled underground chapel. … right beside the short glasses of chilled orange juice. With Momma Bear out of town and the three gnomes-in-training under my care, I served up a dungeon alongside a Continental […]


No matter what game you play, some people love pure concepts and others love a mix–or a stew. Some players will create an exemplar of a class–the perfect paladin, a unique warrior, an ideal wizard–while others build gish–a fighter/wizard/cyber-dragon hybrid with a dash of paprika. Sometimes a hybrid becomes a new “class” over time–or disappears when a rules update invalidates an old concept. For example, the Fighter/Wizard concept has been around for a long time; I wouldn’t want to cross swords with Ingold Inglorion, a […]