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The Winners of the 2013 NYNG Challenge

There were 20 entries in the second annual New Year, New Game challenge. That’s a big drop from the first year’s 57, but there were still some excellent ideas (that followed the rules!) in the mix. Our two winners offered up wildly different ideas joined by a common thread: They sound...

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Last Day to NYNG Your NYNGS All Over Your NYNG

Today is the last day to enter our 2013 New Year, New Game challenge and submit your post for the 2013 NYNG blog carnival. Sometime tonight I’ll shut the contest down and start pulling everything together for the big wrap-up post for the blog carnival. Don’t wait too long! (Comments on...

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A Quick Reminder About NYNG

Gnome Stew’s first annual New Year, New Game (NYNG) contest and blog carnival both end January 23, a bit less than a week away. The contest features a grand prize worth over $150, courtesy of our four sponsors: DriveThruRPG, Engine Publishing, Obsidian Portal, and Tabletop Adventures. You...

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