This time last year, I made a deal with those of you who were unable to attend Gen Con. You picked something for me to pick up on the Exhibitor’s floor, and I reviewed it for you. That resulted in my two part review of Hackmaster Basic (Part1, Part2), and John’s review of Realms of Cthulhu.

Well it’s that time a year again, and Gen Con is just under 2 weeks away, and I would like to continue the tradition and ask those of you who cannot attend, what would you like me to pick up and review this year?

Update– After reviewing the comments and talking to the Gnomes, I have selected Apocalypse World, by Vincent Baker, and Walt is going to take the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide.

No promises, but if I run into a copy of Kagematsu, that may wind up in my bag as well.  Thanks to all of you who put in your comments.

Lets Review The Rules

Just like last year, there are a few conditions on what I will pick up for review. These are the same as last year, but let’s review, in case you forgot:

  • RPG Rules or Gaming Accessory only—While I like board games, card games, and such, The Stew is an RPG blog, so lets keep it to an RPG rulebook or gaming accessory. I would rather not review an adventure either since they rarely are meaty enough for a full review.
  • Something new—While just about anything can be found out on the convention floor, I am not going to review the AD&D A-Series adventures (though they are awesome). Please pick something that has recently come out that you have not had a chance to pick up at your local gaming store.
  • Something we have not reviewed before– While we are not product review site, we have had the chance to do some great reviews. Check out our Review section for all our past reviews. Obviously, don’t pick one of those.
  • Let’s not break the bank—While I love you guys, my bank account has its limits. So lets keep this to about $30 (or a bit over…).

Get Picking

Now that you remember the rules, start tossing out ideas on what you would like to see me review. In the comments section, put down your choice of what you would like me to pick up. On Monday, I will announce the item that I am going to pick up, and after GenCon I will put together a review of the item for you.

About  Phil Vecchione

A gamer for 30 years, Phil cut his teeth on Moldvay D&D and has tried to run everything else since then. He has had the fortune to be gaming with the same group for almost 20 years. When not blogging or writing RPG books, Phil is a husband, father, and project manager. More about Phil.

14 Responses to You Pick It, I Review It–Gen Con 2010 (Updated!)

  1. Some new-ish roleplaying games that not enough people have played yet:
    “Escape From Tentacle City” by Willow Palecek
    “Kagematsu” by Danielle Lewon
    “Under My Skin” by Emily Care Boss

  2. How about reviewing L5R 4th Edition?

  3. Happy Birthday Robot by Daniel Solis
    Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker

  4. Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide by Paizo, or the aforementioned L5R book.

  5. How We Came To Live Here, from Galileo Games. An Enie nominee.

  6. Blowback by Elizabeth Shoemaker
    Misspent Youth by Robert Bohl

  7. A lot of Indie suggestions this year. I am digging it. Not sure what products will be available at GenCon but I will check. Seeing a few suggestions that I like so far. Keep them coming.

  8. I know you said no board games, but is there any chance you’d bend the rules for the new D&D Ravenloft Game? It would be interesting to what the differences and similarities are b/w this and “full” D&D 4e, and how useful the components might be for any fantasy RPGs.

    Failing that, how about the Laundry, by Cubicle 7, for BRP/CoC? Foremost in my mind: is this a full game (inclduing core rules), or a CoC or BRP supplement / campaign setting?

  9. I have heard good things about the Dresden Files.

  10. Thank you all for the suggestions. The Gnomes and I are discussing the list, and shortly I will post up book that I will review.


  11. Apocalypse World, Looks very exciting.

  12. I want to see outbreak undead, looks like a good game to break up a long campaign one night. Phil, did you get a chance to see a copy while you were there?

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