For those long-time readers of the Stew, this is a tradition that I have had a lot of fun doing the past two Gen Con’s. It is the 3rd annual You Pick It, I Review It event. This is where you get to put the last item on my Gen Con shopping list before I pack up and head to Indy for the best 4 days in gaming.

In years past you have picked out some great games to review: Hackmaster Basic [here and here], Realms of Cthulu, and Apocalypse World. You have had a great knack for finding some cool stuff to review. This year fellow Gnome, John Arcadian has offered to review one of the products you suggest.

With GenCon under two weeks away, I would like take on this quest once again. So lets cover a few things…

Lets Review The Rules

Just like last year, there are a few conditions on what we will pick up for review. These are the same as in years past, but let’s review, in case you forgot:

  • RPG Rules or Gaming Accessory only—While we like board games, card games, and such, The Stew is an RPG Blog, so lets keep it to an RPG rulebook or gaming accessory. We would rather not review an adventure either since they rarely are meaty enough for a full review.

  • Something New—While just about anything can be found out on the convention floor, we are not going to review the AD&D A-Series adventures (though they are awesome). Please pick something that has recently come out, that you have not had a chance to pick up at your local gaming store, or is debuting at Gen Con.

  • Something we have not reviewed before– While we are not a product review site, we have had the chance to do some great reviews. Check out our Review section for all our past reviews. Obviously, don’t pick one of those.

  • Let’s not break the bank—While we love you guys, bank accounts have limits. So lets keep this to about $30 (or a bit over…).

Get Picking

Ok, there are the rules. In the comments section, put down your choice of what you would like us to pick up. Next Friiday (8/29), I will announce the items that we are going to pick up in the GnomeSpotting 2011 article.  Then after GenCon we will put together some reviews.

So, what do you want to see reviewed…

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A gamer for 30 years, Phil cut his teeth on Moldvay D&D and has tried to run everything else since then. He has had the fortune to be gaming with the same group for almost 20 years. When not blogging or writing RPG books, Phil is a husband, father, and project manager. More about Phil.

13 Responses to You Pick It, I Review It 2011 Edition

  1. “The Stork” and “Microscope” have both caught my eye on Indie Press Revolution lately. Stork isn’t much of an RPG, but looks interesting – the note for game store owners about the risk of stocking the book (as it is essentially meant to be stolen) piqued my interest.

  2. Like amandaesque, I would love to see a Microscope review. It looks like an interesting world/history building tool for homebrew settings, and could tie in nicely with the Collaborative World Building: Dawn of Worlds article from a few years ago.

  3. The One Ring RPG of course. :)

  4. TerraClips from WorldWorksGames.

    They are launching Aug. 4th (I’m assuming at GenCon) and priced at $50, hopefully that’s close enough to $30 for review purposes…

  5. TechNoir or Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein

  6. Little Fears: The game of childhood horror!

  7. Holy smokes, that looks good. In unrelated news, I’d like to see a Gnome’s eye view of the new Bulldogs!

  8. I’d love a review of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” RPG that came out a couple of years ago. I know I’m late to the party, but I just found out about this RPG last week, but am having a hard time finding an honest review of it that’s not biased – one way or the other – about the book series or TV show.

  9. Hey all. I was away on vacation. Let me throw out a few comments on the pics so far…

    Microscope looks very interesting and is high on my list right now.

    Bulldogs also looks to be excellent, and had a great Kickstart.

    As for Technoir, that may get its own review. I was a backer for it, and have my PDF copy now.

    Those TeraClips look incredible, a bit more than what was budgeted, but I have some friends who might be eyeing them, if so I will get a look at them.

    Fire and Ice is not new, but we wont take it off the list, considering the HBO show is driving a lot of attention towards it.

    Keep your suggestions coming…

  10. I’d like to say Rapture, an Indie system very similar to Alien or Event Horizon…but I don’t think you can get it from Gen Con.

  11. Vornheim: The Complete City Kit (not sure how I missed this one)

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