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Want to Write for Gnome Stew? Now Accepting Guest Articles!

With the publication of yesterday’s article by JavaDragon [1], we officially kicked off our new guest article program. If you’re interested in writing for Gnome Stew, read on!

Why post guest articles?

First and foremost, because we have an amazing community of over 3,700 smart, talented GMs of all experience levels, and we want to highlight your work here on the Stew.

Sure, you could all write blogs of your own (and many of you do), but Gnome Stew can be a great venue to showcase your work without the commitment of running a blog, or without diverting from your blogging niche just to post one or two articles on GMing.

One of my goals in running this site has always been to open gaming- and writing-related doors for the authors of Gnome Stew, if they want those doors opened. Personally, my work here was a big factor in getting me the job I’ve held for the past three years, which I love, and I can trace a direct line from running the Stew to starting Engine Publishing [2]. If Gnome Stew can help open doors for more authors, I’m all for it — and running guest articles could do just that.

Guest articles will benefit our readers in other ways, too:

Our guest article program will also benefit the gnomes:

Why did you wait this long to do this?

We’ve gotten requests from folks who were interested in writing guest articles for Gnome Stew ever since we launched the site, which is incredibly flattering and gratifying. Our response has always been the same: “We don’t currently run guest articles, but we’re considering it.”

How come? Ultimately, because up until recently I haven’t felt that it was the right approach for Gnome Stew. I trust my gut with this kind of thing, and my gut said “Not now.”

The question of guest articles has come up on our internal mailing list a few times a year since we launched the site, but the gnomes have always been split about 50/50 on this. With a majority, I’d have said, “Screw my gut, let’s give it a shot!” Without one, we held off.

Now it feels like the right approach — and not because we all want to slack off and never have to write an article again! We love writing articles for the Stew, and sharing them with our readers. It’s incredibly fulfilling in all sorts of ways.

But sites need to change and grow to remain vital and retain their forward momentum, and this is a change I believe Gnome Stew needs to make. We’re ready to give this a shot, and we hope you’re interested in giving it a shot as well!

How do I get an article posted here?

Good question! We’ve kept the process as simple as possible. In a nutshell: Send us an email, wait for a green light, submit your article. We don’t offer compensation for guest articles. You retain the rights to your work, but grant Gnome Stew the unlimited, non-exclusive right to post your article here forever.

For the complete details, head on over to our shiny new Write for Gnome Stew [4] page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll consider proposing an article for the Stew!

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2 Comments To "Want to Write for Gnome Stew? Now Accepting Guest Articles!"

#1 Comment By BryanB On December 14, 2011 @ 5:32 pm

This is a really cool idea Martin. I’m sure a lot of the readers of Gnomestew have some great ideas that they would like to share with the community in article form. I’ve got a good idea for an article that I will hopefully be able to share with the gnomes before the year is out.

#2 Comment By Martin Ralya On December 14, 2011 @ 8:05 pm

[5] – Awesome! I hope you’ll send it to us soon, and I look forward to seeing it.

Giving the signal:noise ratio in our comment threads, and the high quality of the vast majority of comments I read here, I’m excited to see what our readers come up with.