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The Winners of Our Mailing List Giveaway Now Have, Uh, Mail

It’s coming up on my bedtime (past it, actually; I’m getting old), so without further ado let’s fire up random.org [1] and find out who won our mailing list giveaway [2]!

Hmm. The catch here is that unlike our previous giveaways and contests, this time I don’t have usernames and I’m certainly not going to disclose email addresses. So instead I sent an email to our three winners — congratulations to you, lucky winners!

We hit 396 subscribers, which is pretty awesome. That unlocked second and third prizes, so we’ll be giving away over $200 in electronic gaming goodness — three DriveThruRPG gift certificates and three PDF bundles of Gnome Stew’s first two books, Eureka and Masks.

I don’t have anything to announce yet on the mailing list, but I’d like to thank everyone who has joined it so far. If you missed out on the giveaway but would like to join the list, here’s the signup link [3].