We have two more pieces of Eureka news to share this week, one today and one on Wednesday. Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Monte Cook has written the foreword for Eureka, Gnome Stew’s upcoming book of adventure plots!

Not “will write,” either — has written. We’ve read it, it’s excellent, and we can’t wait for you to read it when the book comes out.

Eureka is Gnome Stew’s upcoming first book — here’s the first Eureka teaser, and the bios for our contributors.

You almost certainly know who Monte Cook is, but just in case: he wrote the D&D 3rd Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide, was the longtime author of the “Dungeoncraft” column in Dragon Magazine, authored his own highly successful line of D&D 3.x products through Malhavoc Press, and he currently writes and runs Dungeonaday.com. Monte’s full list of gaming credits stretches to the Moon.

Of all the many, many things that excite me about Eureka, this is one of the coolest.

Monte’s a gaming industry rock star, and we’re incredibly grateful to him for taking the time to write a foreword for a brand-new publishing company’s first book — and a book written by a bunch of guys who self-identify as gnomes, no less.

Eureka What Now?

If you’re a regular reader (or get our updates on Facebook or Twitter), you’ve been hearing about Eureka for a little while now.

Eureka is Gnome Stew’s first book, to be published by Engine Publishing and due out before GenCon 2010. The full title is actually Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters, and you can read a bit more about the book on the Engine Publishing website.

On Wednesday, we’ll reveal the cover for Eureka, which was just completed. I’ve been doing a gotta-pee-right-now dance waiting to share this with you.

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A father, husband, writer, small-press publisher, former RPG industry freelancer, and lifelong geek, Martin has been gaming since 1987 and GMing since 1989. You can find out a bit more about him on his personal website.

9 Responses to The Author of Eureka’s Foreword: Monte Cook!

  1. Sweet! I’ve always been a fan of Monte’s writing, and think this will be a great “bump” for you. (You probably need to tweet that Monte Cook is bumping gnomes.)

    Are you going to do pre-orders for Eureka?

  2. Congrats. Your post assumes we don’t know who Monte Cook is, and I guess that’s fine, but it also assumes we know what the heck you’re talking about with “Eureka”. :) I’ve been reading for a few months off and on, and had to figure what you were talking about from context. :)

  3. @mougoo – Yep, we’ll be doing preorders more or less as soon as the book goes off to the printer. We won’t keep quiet about them, either. 😉

    @samiis – Good points! I’ve added some more context up top. And it sounds like we’re not doing a good enough job teasing Eureka in general, too — good to know!

  4. Amazing! Carefull though, big headed gnomes cant stand up.
    Just sayin

  5. @longtooth – We don’t have big heads about Monte writing the foreword. We were incredibly lucky to land Monte for the book, and he’s a great guy who’s generous with his time. His foreword arrived in my inbox the day before my birthday, and it pretty much made my entire week. :-)

  6. Just my two cents (you’ll be getting the rest when pre-orders go live), y’all are doing a great job walking the marketing/information line. If a reader didn’t know what Eureka was, you’re not shoving it down our throats. And all your “literal MFing happy dances” make me feel like I’m celebrating with you.

    You’ve gotta put, like, at least 6 books out before you become a faceless megacorp.

  7. @mougoo – Thanks! That’s been a hard balance to strike, and we’re still honing it. I don’t want anyone who isn’t interested in Eureka to be annoyed, but I also want everyone who is or might be interested to hear enough about it that they want to buy it. 😉

  8. Once we’re a faceless megacorp, we get to hire shadowrunners!

  9. I’ll update all of our bios to just read “Mr. Johnson has a rather unusual offer for you.”

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