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Please Nominate Never Unprepared for a Golden Geek Award

It’s Golden Geek Award [1] season, so I’m here to very briefly ask you to support Gnome Stew’s latest book, Never Unprepared [2], by nominating it for consideration for Best Supplement and Best Artwork and Presentation. Nominations close September 30.

The Golden Geek Awards are fan-nominated and fan-awarded, with a round of voting determining the winner from among the nominees. Our 2010 book, Eureka [3], was nominated for one thanks in large part to you, our readers. (Thank you!)

The catch is that you need to be an active user of RPGGeek [4] (or BoardGameGeek [5]) to nominate products: “Voting is restricted to either supporting users (having a supporter badge from any year is sufficient),voters who pay a one-time 20 GeekGold fee, or users who have purchased an avatar or a geekbadge.”

If that sounds like you, please consider heading to the nominations page [6] and nominating Never Unprepared for Best Supplement and Best Artwork and Presentation. Here’s the process:

Whether you nominate Never Unprepared or not, many thanks to Gnome Stew readers for helping to make this book such a success — and if you do nominate it, thank you very much for taking the time to do so!