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Nominate RPG Blog Articles for Open Game Table 2 (Including Ours!)

Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Volume 2, will be entering development shortly, and the nomination period [1] for entries is open through December 31st.

Last time around, the gnomes missed this entire process, soup to nuts. We found out two of our articles had been nominated for OGT Volume 1 [2] after the fact. They made it to the final book, and it’s an excellent book: 40+ articles from RPG bloggers all over the world, and a fantastic job from Jonathan Jacobs [3] and his team.

Jonathan is also heading up Volume 2, and this time around we want to tell you about it NOW, not later, and ask you to nominate articles — from the Stew and from all of your other favorite RPG blogs. There’s a ton of great gaming content online these days, and much of it slips right by folks who don’t read or don’t care about RPG blogs, but who would if they knew what they were missing.

Here’s the nomination form [1]. If you want to nominate more than five, just submit the form, then start fresh with a new form.

I’ll be sitting down between now and 12/31 and combing through my favorite RPG blogs, the Stew included, so that I can submit a good round of nominations. I encourage you to do the same.