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Last Day to Preorder Eureka and Enter Our Dice Contest, Four Days Left to Vote in the ENnies

2010 ENnie Awards: Gnome Stew is nominated!

Gnome Stew was nominated for Best Blog in the 2010 ENnies, and we’d love to have your support. Vote for Gnome Stew here — it’s free, takes 30 seconds, and requires no registration.


Today is the last day that you can preorder Gnome Stew’s new book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters, in the Engine Publishing online store.

For $34.95, you’ll get a PDF copy of this 312-page book immediately, with your print copy to follow in August. You can check out a 19-page PDF excerpt, reviews, and articles about the book on Eureka’s product page.

Dice contest

Today is also the last day you can enter our dice contest. I rolled 1,414 dice on camera, and if you guess the total die roll you can win a pair of custom-made, metal-inlaid d6s from Dicecreator.

Eureka at GenCon and in stores

Engine Publishing has signed with Studio 2 Publishing, which means Eureka will be available at GenCon at the S2P booth, #320, and in retail game stores later this year. They’ll have 50 copies on sale at the con, and what with this being our first rodeo I have no idea how long that stock will last.

The Eureka standalone PDF

After preorders close, we’ll start selling the PDF version of Eureka — DRM-free, fully hyperlinked and bookmarked — in the Engine Publishing store for $16.95. We’ll post an announcement here when it’s available.

Lots going on here at the Stew lately — I can barely keep up!

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