The 2012 ENnie nominations were just announced, and Gnome Stew has been nominated for Best Blog, and our book Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game was nominated for Product of the Year and Best Aid/Accessory.

I just about pissed my pants when I saw my email this morning, and I still haven’t totally absorbed the news.

I’ve said this in the past, but it remains no less true today: Our fellow nominees are awesome, and represent some crazy-stiff competition. Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees!

By category, our fellow nominees are:

Best Blog

Product of the Year

Best Aid/Accessory

In closing, thank you to the ENnies judges for nominating us — and holy shit! This is a big pile of crazyawesomesauce.

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5 Responses to Gnome Stew Nominated for Best Blog, Masks for Product of the Year and Best Aid/Accessory

  1. Congratulations on the nominations.

    Masks is great. I haven’t used it enough.

  2. This is just incredibly excellent. Congratulations to all. :)

  3. Thank you! It was a really fun way to start the day, and I’m excited about it no matter how things turn out.

  4. Congratulations on nominations! Look forward to meeting you guys at the Ennies!

  5. Kurt "Telas" Schneider

    I was surprised by the inclusion of Masks in the Product of the Year category, but I really shouldn’t have been. I find myself returning to that book over and over, like a junkie to a needle, using the fluff descriptions for plots, twisting NPCs in creative new ways, and just reading it for the sheer variety of characters.

    Well, that and it was written by a bunch of frakking bearded and kilted geniuses…

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