D&D 4th Edition blog At Will recently interviewed several of the gnomes — DNAphil, Matthew, myself, Patrick, Scott and Telas — for their d12 Interviews series, and that interview has been posted today: d12 Interviews: Gnome Stew.

The focus of the interview is on D&D 4e, and the hook, of course, is that we were asked 12 questions. We’re all felt hats and hot air, so naturally we had a great time answering them. We also couldn’t be happier joining the series after Levi Kornelson of Amagi Games and Phil of Musings of the Chatty DM fame — that’s excellent company to keep.

Thanks to At Will for interviewing us — it’s a clever format, and you asked some great questions.

Want to read some gnomish pontificatin’? Throw another gnome on the barbie and read the interview.

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A father, husband, writer, small-press publisher, former RPG industry freelancer, and lifelong geek, Martin has been gaming since 1987 and GMing since 1989. He lives in Utah with his amazing wife Alysia and their awesome daughter Lark in a house full of books and games.

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