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The Best of Gnome Stew in 2011, Part 3 of 5

It’s an annual tradition here on the Stew to douse the fire, let the gnomes escape from the stewpot, and not try to round the little buggers up again until the new year.

Or, ’tis the season for reruns — the week when we take a break from writing new GMing content and instead bring you our favorite articles from the past year on the Stew.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us gnomes, and we’ll see you in 2012 — just in time for D&D 5th Edition the Mayan apocalypse!

Matthew Neagley’s pick

Quick and Dirty Location Template [1]

Why Matt chose this article: “I run into lots of “I know how to do this… kinda…” moments while I prep, so sometimes it helps me work to formalize exactly what I need to do and how to approach it. In the case of a location template, it boiled down a frustrating meandery process into a simple quick one and it was pretty well received, so I like to pretend it was helpful to others.”

Scott Martin’s pick

GMing Bootcamp [2]

Why Scott chose this article: “Learning to run modules well, on schedule, with all comers, was eye opening to me. It’s a different skill set than lovingly crafting a home campaign for your friends, but I can think of nothing that tones flabby GMing muscles quicker. (Running the same modules and discussing them with other GMs is also one of the best game mastering introductions I can imagine.)”