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The Best of Gnome Stew in 2011, Part 1 of 5

It’s an annual tradition here on the Stew to douse the fire, let the gnomes escape from the stewpot, and not try to round the little buggers up again until the new year.

Or, ’tis the season for reruns — the week when we take a break from writing new GMing content and instead bring you our favorite articles from the past year on the Stew.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us gnomes, and we’ll see you in 2012 — just in time for D&D 5th Edition the Mayan apocalypse!

DNAphil’s pick

Prep-Lite Philosophy [1]

Why Phil chose this article: “This was a big revelation for me as a GM, this year. This article is a summary of the series of Prep-Lite articles which sum up my personal quest to reduce my overall time to prep my sessions. The lessons I learned are applicable to anyone who wants to spend less time getting prepared for their session. The strength of Prep-Lite is that it is not a specific system, but rather a mindset that a GM adopts.”

Troy Taylor’s pick

D&D Burgoo: GM on Tactical Override [2]

Why Troy chose this article: “One of the challenges a GM will likely encounter in a long-running game is rules interpretation on the fly. When is it appropriate to ad hoc it and when should you pause and reference it? No one wants to see a game crawl to a stop. But neither does a GM want to see a player’s “spotlight” moment robbed because a rule was adjudicated incorrectly. This article examines this thorny issue.”