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Giving The Gnomish Link Love

Dislcaimer--This is not some Legend of Zelda fanfic.  If you want that stuff, go to the experts [1].

While we Gnomes work tirelessly at making our stew and serving up great GMing advice, when we are not tending the giant cauldron, we are like you: out on the Internet surfing for drow p0rn RPG blogs and podcasts. We wanted to share some of our current favorite blogs and podcasts with you, and give you a chance to let us know what other sites you are reading or listening to.

Here are a few of my current new (by new, meaning I only discovered them over the past 6 months), blogs and podcasts.


Some Space To Think [2] — This is Rob Donoghue’s blog.  You might recognize the name as one of the designers of Spirit of The Century and the Dresden Files game.  I love Rob’s blog and his thoughts on RPG design.  Rob played the Amber Diceless RPG back in the 90’s, and having been an Amber GM for most of the 90’s as well, I really connect to a lot of his concepts and designs.  Rob is also an unabashed iPad fan and talks about cool RPG and writing apps as well.

Some other favorites


Fear The Boot [5] — I have only recently gotten into podcasts, and after sampling a number of them, this is one of my favorites.  Fear The Boot is not new though, they are working on episode 201 this week. FtB has great topics, and a lively round table discussion. The guys are pretty funny, and yet are able to engage in some great discussions.  They have differing opinions on things, covering many facets of the show’s topic.

Some other Favorites

I also asked the other Gnomes what they were reading and here are some of their replies


  • I recently found Stuffer Shack [9], and enjoy reading it for a different perspective.
  • I’ve been following Random Average [10]. Doyce’s Diaspora game for perspective on my Spirit of the Century game.
  • The FATE RPG yahoo group [11] has been very useful recently.


  • Some Space To Think (as well)- I have no idea when Rob Donoghue has time to sleep, but he turns out quality, inspiring, and varied content almost daily. It’s a great blog.
  • Deadly Fredly [12] – Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions is an inspiration to me as a publisher, so I read his blog regularly. Great stuff if you’re considering breaking into publishing.



Who Are You Reading/Listening To?

You won’t hurt our feelings, but tell us some of the other blogs that are inspiring you, as well as Podcasts that are top in your playlist.