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A few days ago, I came across a kickstarter for a thing I’ve known was coming in the next few years and dreamed of doing if I ever won the lottery – combining 3d printed miniatures with the character creators from various mmorpgs. Imagine being able to use sliders and create a custom 3d model, then print it out as a 3d miniature. Technology has been getting there, and Hero Forge is actually making it happen. On Sunday, I did a video interview with Joshua […]


If you’ve never been to Gencon, or another large gaming/geek convention, it’s really hard to get an idea for exactly what it feels like. When I went to my first Origins 7 or so years ago, I couldn’t even begin to conceive of what the experience was going to be. So, last year at Gencon I carted my camera around and captured as much footage as I could. I tried to get interviews with any attendees who would stand still long enough, and I got […]


  I find that a great amount of immersion can be gained by introducing some kind of 3D mapping element to the game. In this video, I talk about a few cheap and simple 3D mapping options that you can use to build maps on the fly. Since not everyone can check out a video at work or on their phones, here is a brief transcription of the video with some screenshots. Why 3D 3D mapping brings the action of the game off of the […]


In this episode I talk about what I am including in my GM’s kit for Gen Con 2011. I also refer to Kurt Schneider’s Index Cards for Prep articles, as well as my own Three of My Favorite Items for GMing article. What do you have in your GM’s kit? Tell us by leaving a comment below.


I’ve been wanting to put up part 3 in my “Physical Space Of The Game” series for a while, but because of the subject matter the format of part 3 needed a little more than a post full of words and pictures. After acquiring some equipment and help, I finally got around to making this Video Gnoment. I had some issues with my camera telling me it was widescreen and not really being widescreen, so please forgive the slight issues with the video quality. I’m […]


In this episode I talk about how to use three dimensional puzzles in your sessions as a way to accentuate and not compromise your RPG system of choice.  I also demonstrate some simple puzzles and suggest how they may be used as part of a story.


Some GMs love them, and other GMs will not use them, but the GM’s screen is one of the iconic tools of our hobby. In this Video Gnoment I show a couple of traditional GM’s screens, briefly discuss the benefits of designing and building your own GM’s screen, and give a quick review of The World’s Greatest Screen by Hammerdog Games.