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Over the last few years, I’ve been a fan of creating worlds together or otherwise drawing players into world creation. Our big crusade against the Evil Dwarven Empire was based on a world that we created together, using Dawn of Worlds. When we tried out Diaspora, we only got as far as Cluster Creation, but that alone was fun. Our Primetime Adventures game, Time Preservers, was a show that we created at the table–nothing any of us could have come up with alone. Skills Not […]

Hard on the heels of my review of Jason Sholtis’ The Dungeon Dozen, one of the best books of random fantasy tables I own, I decided to do a rundown of some of the other good ones on my shelves. I’m a big fan of this type of book — books you can flip through, and/or roll on tables in, to get random inspiration, serendipitous bolts from the blue, and idea-jolts from unexpected quarters. I’m sure I missed some of the ones I own (because […]


The cleric has long been a time honored tradition of Dungeons and Dragons, and pony clerics are no different. With multiple gods to choose from including celestia, celestia, luna, twillight sparkle, and of course the correct choice – celestia, pony clerics are an incredible addition to any pony party.     There are many interesting options for pony clerics in D&D next, and we can’t dish details on all of them. Here are some enticing tidbits.   OBEY – Like dominate, force someone to obey […]


NPC organizations are a must have for many campaigns, and even when nonessential they add to a game in many ways. They create a pool of quick allies, enemies, or support. They come with all kinds of plot hooks. They’re fertile ground for flavor. The reasons to add a few to your game are endless. But it’s also easy to accidentally bog yourself down with unnecessary work and to waste time with too much detail that will never see play. Thus, like my other Quick […]

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If you’ve ever obsessively stalked me, you may have noticed an interesting pattern. Here at my bio, it states: “Matt fights on ongoing battle with GMing ADD, leaving his to-do list littered with the broken wrecks of half-formed campaigns, worlds, characters, settings, and home-brewed systems.” And every year, I post a “garage sale” article of the campaigns that I thought up but never actually used for one reason or another. And of course if you just browse my general article list you’ll notice two overarching […]


Every year I write this article giving away some of my unused campaign ideas and every year it gets a little harder to write. Turns out I may not actually have the volume of ideas I once thought I did. I may have just had a massive backlog. Or maybe I’m just slowing down in my old age. Who knows? Still, as it ties in nicely with the various “fresh start” initiatives like our own New Game Day, I’ll keep pretending that someone out there […]

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It’s November, which means the start of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where people feverishly try to rush to completion a 50,000 word manuscript within 30 days. If you haven’t taken part in NaNoWriMo before, even though we’re a few days into November already, don’t be daunted as there’s still plenty of time! In a previous article I highlighted the usage of Scrivener — a content-generation tool and writing studio — for campaign and adventure management. As also mentioned in that article, the makers of […]