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Stack of presents

If you know a roleplayer, it can be hard to decide what to get them come gift giving time. Below is a relatively simple decision tree to help you figure out what to get them. (No, this article isn’t just veiled hinting, family and friends!) If you already game with the recipient: This article won’t do you much good– you know them in a way that an article never can. Go with your instinct and lean towards something they would enjoy but can’t justify. Alternately, […]

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New games usually offer only a modest selection of monsters — dictated either by the limitations imposed by publishing (such as with an all-in-one game book’s self-imposed page limit) or because the game has, at least initially, a narrow thematic focus. That bring us to D&D Next, which recently made its final playtest packet available for download. The next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons does not seem so constrained. While it remains to be seen what D&D Next will offer in the range of monsters […]


My first visit to Gen Con in 2005 was memorable for two reasons. The first was because I got to attend a seminar on GMing. The panelists were some guys — you might know them — from this hot gaming site, Treasure Tables. I sat in the back row and listened to them. Good seminar. Vicky Potter gave me a mechanical pencil — which I’ve still got. I then had lunch with one of the Werecabbages, John E. Ling. We were two of the “Three […]


One of the concepts that has taken root in the “Doctor Who” universe is that of “fixed points in time” — a clever way to say that some events can’t be changed because they are crucial to the fabric of the universe … yada, yada, yada. . It’s a storytelling technique that explains why even River Song can’t kill Hitler to spare us the horrors of World War II or Mount Vesuvius will destroy Pompeii no matter what (or because of any) actions the Doctor […]


Who put their card game in my RPG? It may not be a question you’re asking yourself today but it could be a question you’re asking yourself a year from now. The “deck building RPG,” Genesis Aspyrias, is currently in development and puts a new twist on the evolution of RPG mechanics. Previously I’ve discussed the collectible card RPG and some general trends within the industry, as well as their potential impact as a GM. One of those games we’ve unboxed here, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay RPG by Fantasy […]


So, during my monthly review of podcasts during my commute to work, and I’m listening to a seminar conducted by Wolfgang Baur — Kobold-in-Chief over at Kobold Press (formerly Open Design) — for the most recent PaizoCon that was recorded and posted by those fine Canadians over at 3.5 Private Sanctuary. Wolfgang talks about his GMing techniques for room and combat description — a broad topic, to be sure. But of particular interest was his approach to combat description for encounters he writes up for […]

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

There’s a new game in town that you may or may not be familiar with, Margaret Weis Productions’ iteration of the latest Marvel superheroes RPG, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Having run every iteration of every Marvel RPG to date, I must say that the Marvel Heroic version may not only be the best but the first RPG in several years that has made me pause and appreciate the underlying mechanics within. Or in other words, made me feel like I wasn’t just doing the same old narrating exercise that […]