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First, a bit of sad news. A great tool for visiting lots of RPG blogs has announced that the RPG Blog Alliance network is ending at the end of April. The RPGBA homepage is a great place to discover new blogs. If you’re looking to add more roleplaying blogs to your RSS feed, swing by while the great content is still easily available. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to game worlds (particularly D&D derived worlds) when you apply real world economic theories, you’ll love […]

Gnome Rodeo! It’s time to don tall boots and prepare to ride the range on our battle sheep. What have our keen eyed scouts found? Skills: I’m a big fan of thinking about skills, but we’ve got a patrol to keep on keepin’ on. Fortunately, there are some mighty thoughtful cowpokes (sheep-pokes?) who’ve begun talkin’. Kate Elliot leads off with a discussion of skills from a writer’s point of view. She points out how unusual (or less expected) skills can set a character apart, create […]


After consuming enough fried turkey to deliver 1,000 mg of tryptophan, some very excellent beer, some quite disappointing mead, and putting two over-tired kids to bed, there’s nothing more I like to do than to track down all the RPG sales for your viewing pleasure. Believe me, sleep is the furthest thing from my mind right now… Ha-ha! Gotcha. But let’s keep this tradition going, if for no other reason than sheer momentum. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and – trust me on this – […]

Yesterday marked the end of Gnome Stew’s first annual New Year, New Game (NYNG) challenge and blog carnival, and today I’m here to share a smorgasbord of excellent blog posts from all over the world about running new games. This was our first blog carnival, but it won’t be our last — and with 14 participants (15 with us), I’d say it was a great first outing. A big THANK YOU to everyone who took time out of their January schedule to write a blog […]

Thanksgiving day is over. The fried turkey didn’t burn my house down or even singe me (actually, it was pretty danged tasty), so instead of some amateurish video of me running around, panicking like a sorority girl in a horror movie, you get this very-incomplete list of RPG-related sales. “Stay home? But it’s Black Friday!” Yes, stay home. (And get out of my article.) Stock up on gifts for your GM; they like that kind of stuff, and might kill your character last. Instead of […]

Gnotes from Gnome Stew HQ RPG Mapping Software For many years, I’ve felt like I wasn’t a true gamer because I didn’t have a world I’d been building since I was a little kid. I’ve built pieces of worlds, and helped write plenty of worldbuilding fiction, but never had a world all my own, like so many gamers do — one that I’d been adding to, bit by bit, until it became a rich and interesting place. A couple weeks back, that changed. Fellow gnome […]

Gnotes from Gnome Stew HQ GMing Roundup Play a New RPG Month is just what it sounds like: damned good advice for any GM (or player). If you’ve only run, or played, one RPG — or even mainly one RPG — you owe it to yourself and your group to try another one. It can be a fling, a temporary thing, but if you choose wisely it will open new doors. Ever wish D&D 3.x ended at 6th level? Well, it can. E6 is a […]