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It’s time for another short adventure. This one has an old-school feel with a lazily named hybrid monster, the owlid (part owl, part squid). It’s a mix of combat and social encounters for your group and is also a classically styled shaggy-dog story, cementing it firmly in dadventure territory. Background: A small village bordering heavy woodland holds an annual hunt to thin out the dangerous owlid population. This year the infestation is exceptionally bad so they have sent out the call for aid. Owlid: Who […]


Recently I was cleaning off my desk and found some notes for a 5 room dungeon that I had jotted down. It’s a bit of a silly or punny romp, for which I have coined the term “dadventure”. Background: A tribe of savage humanoids made the fatal mistake of summoning a wicked nature spirit. Unfortunately they accidentally summoned a spirit of hunger which escaped their control and possessed a nearby moose, through which it has been scouring the area of life. Setup: The adventure starts […]


For the past six years, every January I’ve run a garage sale article. I’m loathe to give up a six year tradition, but response has been hit or miss and, to be honest, it’s gotten harder and harder to scrape a handful of campaigns out of my notebook for the article. So this year we’re trying a new twist: a set of items that your characters might find at a garage sale (or as loot or that might be brought to them by someone else […]


We here at the stew have a complicated relationship with the big man in red. Sure, he’s a fantastic guy who selflessly brings presents to every child in the world in a single night, but on the other hand, it sure would be nice if everyone in the world’s list of their favorite fat bearded men with red hats didn’t start with Santa. I mean we’re not asking for a sweep, or even a majority, just a token presence in the number one slot. But […]


I’ve always found it humorous when GMing has been described as playing “a thousand faces.” What we tend to ignore is that all those faces—ideally—have an emotion behind them. It’s one thing to verbally state the emotional state of an NPC but quite another to express that emotion directly. Now, fair warning, we’re venturing in the territory of method acting, if you will. For some GMs that may be a deal-breaker, but for most of us I suspect we’re willing to find new ways to […]


Sometimes your villain needs something a little out of the ordinary to set him apart. Or maybe that hapless NPC has a redeeming quality. If you’re feeling inspired, working out extra details for characters can be interesting, but if you’re on a deadline–or really not feeling inspired–sometimes a blunt tool is what you need. Below are 4 tables to encourage an out of the ordinary encounter even when you’re brain’s not at maximum creativity. Villainous Secrets (Modern) [d8] 1: Secretly supports a local animal shelter. […]


Here’s a cool tidbit of verified historical fact that you can include in your espionage game, or in an espionage type scene in any other game: During World War 2, Waddington, England’s licensee of Parker Brother’s popular game Monopoly, were approached by Britain’s defense department to produce maps printed on silk, a much better alternative to paper maps, and for which Waddington already had an established, high quality production facility. Not content to stop at just producing maps for British airman who were risking being […]