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There are numerous ways to determine damage in a roleplaying game. It may depend on the weapon (or spell) used, the skill of the combatant, and/or the roll of the dice. In this article, we’ll look at four ways of calculating damage. It’s not meant to be a master’s thesis on the...

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Fiasco To Teach Gaming To New Players

A month or so back, my friend Nicole wanted me to help her get into Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop roleplaying in general. She had already been seeding the idea among some friends of ours, and I had a group of interested people who were all new, or practically new to tabletop roleplaying. They...

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The Teleporting Player

Problem players come in a variety of types, but it all boils down to a player that is somehow disrupting the game or hindering the enjoyment of others at the table. A while back, I wrote about players that deliberately go out of their way to mess with the game and other players, but this time...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: Floating Down the Lazy River

Ordinarily, you’d find me in the same camp as those who advocate that a well-run gaming session is one that is highly structured. And that a good GM is someone who is purposeful, putting to good use the time allotted to them. Keep up the energy. Maintain pacing. Provide direct interactions. For...

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Fun Winter Themed Challenges

As George R. R. Martin is fond of saying: “winter is coming” and with it, a host of massive annoyances fun winter activities! Winter can also bring new and interesting challenges to your game. Here’s a selection of fun winter challenges and features to drop into your next session: Ice wizards:...

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Locations: Finding the lay of the LAND

  In my last article, I used the acronym AIMS to describe how I create NPC’s. I’ll talk here about how I use another acronym – LAND – to create locations. As with AIMS, I use LAND to help me come up with an actionable piece of usable game content quickly. LAND provides an easy way...

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