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 I’ve been a brony since around season 2. It was a surprise to me, but after watching a few episodes while trying to figure out what this brony thing was about, I became hooked. I used to work in the TV industry and wanted to work in kids TV because I realized how influential it could be on young minds. And here, in a show that was seemingly for little girls, were a slew of clever jokes, great messages for girls and guys alike, and […]


I was reading some old posts on Apathy Games the other day and I stumbled on Why We Need to Pay for More Adventures, written by Tyson Hayes. It’s an old article but it’s a good one. In this gem, Mr. Hayes laments that RPGs lack the shared experience across groups found in video games. Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait… I get it, and I’m wistful for the “good old days” too. I’m too young to ever have enjoyed The Temple of Elemental […]


Your supermarket may still make the option available but for a few years now that oft-repeated question has no longer been uttered at my local market. Instead, the prevalent decision was made for us in that, unless you specifically wanted paper, you’re getting plastic. Move on with the times! (Besides, you should be bringing your own reusable canvas bags, just sayin’…) In our RPGs there are a few anachronistic trappings that have been left back in the annals of time—although a few make their occasional […]

Stack of presents

If you know a roleplayer, it can be hard to decide what to get them come gift giving time. Below is a relatively simple decision tree to help you figure out what to get them. (No, this article isn’t just veiled hinting, family and friends!) If you already game with the recipient: This article won’t do you much good– you know them in a way that an article never can. Go with your instinct and lean towards something they would enjoy but can’t justify. Alternately, […]

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New games usually offer only a modest selection of monsters — dictated either by the limitations imposed by publishing (such as with an all-in-one game book’s self-imposed page limit) or because the game has, at least initially, a narrow thematic focus. That bring us to D&D Next, which recently made its final playtest packet available for download. The next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons does not seem so constrained. While it remains to be seen what D&D Next will offer in the range of monsters […]

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

This afternoon, after several weeks of waiting, my final order of Marvel Heroic books arrived. I was pretty excited (“yea, new books!”) and then fairly despondent, remembering that the game was dead. As in, no more. Finished. Kaput. And while we only played a brief Marvel Heroic campaign, it was awesome, so much so that it was my clear pick for “Product of the Year” at the 2012 ENnies (they won Silver). But this also brings up a good reminder of the value of RPGs […]


I’ve a fondness of a quote by Carlos Fuentes, “Writing is a struggle against silence.” There is always a story to be told and as an author it is difficult to not be thinking about that next tale that is struggling to escape. Writers are always writing, if not literally then conceptually, fighting against that silence. As a GM I wonder if some of those same concepts apply to our craft as well. While I am not running a game at the moment, I’m always […]