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Gaming Conventions

I got a chance to play a very different game recently at Bookwyrm, a cool local con. Several elements set Kingdom apart: you build a collaborative setting, featuring a high level of player input and control, with very influential characters, who navigate kingdom-wide crises. Many of those elements exist in specific games—but Kingdom puts them all together smoothly. Kingdoms can be traditional medieval nations, but the concept is very flexible. Running examples in the book include a fantasy city bordered by barbarians, an old west […]

Yes. Kurt is wearing a mask.

Every year at this time I write my Gen Con recap, which is often a list of things I saw, people I met, and games I played. This year I am going to save that for G+. Instead, I want to sum up some GMing topics which came up in the various seminars I attended. After all this is a GMing blog, an Award Winning GMing blog at that, so lets stick to GMing. Talkin’ Shop One of the things I love at Gen Con […]

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The brainstorming continues… So, last time we discussed the impulse and rapid development that led me to formally brainstorm a Fate Accelerated con scenario. Once I decided on a game system, a couple of very different paths opened up. The first path was a very psi-heavy anime inspired game that could have woven from Bliss Stage to Voltron with mecha formed from the talents of a team of young heroes. That seemed to match much of the rules system fluff. The second path hewed closer […]

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Hey all. It took a few days to recover and to get back into the swing of things, but I am now ready to give my post-Gen Con report. For me, this Gen Con was one of the most fun and most relaxing trips I have had, more so than a number of recently past Gen Con’s . So let me tell you about what I did… Savage Gen Con This Gen Con was very much about Savage Worlds for me. I am just starting to […]

Gaming Conventions

It’s time for the next (and, depending on some interpretations of the Mayan calendar, last) Gen Con update! This year was spectacular for the Gnomies, as we took gold ENnies for Best Blog and Masks! It’s truly a humbling experience to meet many great GMs that enjoy our website. It was great to see my fellow Gnomies again, albeit only briefly, and I always leave Gen Con wishing I’d had more time. I was Cubicle 7′s event organizer this time around, so I was pretty […]

Gaming Conventions

An unprecedented number of us are at Gen Con for the rest of the week, so things may be a bit quiet around here — but on Thursday and Friday we’ll be running two excellent guest articles that share a common theme: keeping up excitement between sessions. We love meeting fans, gaming with new people, and connecting with readers, so if you see us at the con please stop us and say hi. If you’d like to take that a step further and make a […]


This will be my 13th Gen Con (I think — it might be my 12th), and every year I go I try to iterate and learn from past years. Every year, my Gen Con crew also tends to do something a bit different overall — and this year, we’re going for a full-on “ad hoc con.” We have zero events booked (although attending the ENnies is on the roster), and zero event tickets — not even generics. Instead of scheduling events, we’re going to run […]