Author: Adam Nave

Crock Pot

I’ve got a few sites I visit really only because they give me great ideas for gaming. I’m partial to photos, since they give strong impressions and let me make my own decisions about how to incorporate them. Here’s a quick run down of the sites and some recent goodies. National Geographic Photo of the Day has all kinds of awesome pictures of animals, exotic locations and foreign cultures. Next time you say majestic mountains, hand them a picture of Yosemite to drive the point […]


Gaming is a fairly sedentary activity, and the extended periods of time involved and predilection towards consuming huge amounts of Cheetos and Dew doesn’t really help either. As a GM, you probably have a bit more pull over your group than as a player, and that can be used to your advantage when trying to eat healthier and loose weight. Here are a few tips to encourage some weight loss while you’re GMing, or at least minimize the damage. “Where’re the Cheetos?” Easy stuff first: […]


In our Suggestion Pot, Sektor asked: Perhaps a list of interesting combat tactics to use during an encounter? It could really beef up sessions, trying to get beyond the ‘You swing, you hit’ situations. I see two questions there: what are some interesting things I can have happen in a fight, and how do I get beyond boring hit/miss attacks? (Yes, I’m interpreting a bit.) I’ll start with the second item. Combat in RPGs is already heavily abstracted from reality. Many books have a section […]


It’s been a long time since I’ve run a game of Feng Shui, but with my Savage Tide campaign wrapping up soon, I’m finding myself a little tired of D&D 3.5’s rules heavy environment. The Feng Shui rulebook is refreshing, very well written and easy on the rules. However, there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand about it: the setting. In a nutshell, Feng Shui’s setting is an excuse to mix multiple sub-genres of action movies, particularly those of the Hong Kong style. It involves […]


I won’t deny it, I’m a big fan of Google. My place of employment recently switched to Google Apps, and I’ve had an opportunity to dive head first into the Google world. But of course being a gamer, I can’t help but see some uses for Google at the gaming table, especially since everyone in one of my groups has a laptop. I’m not thinking of the obvious things either – Gmail is great for email and chatting with your group, and you can use […]