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Senda Linaugh

Senda tends to favor improv GMing and rules light systems. While she loves a good long form campaign, life has conspired to make her extremely well versed in running one shots of four hours or less. She’s a convention addict and a fan girl at heart. You can hear her dulcet tones on the podcasts She's a Super Geek (actual play) or on Panda's Talking Games (playing one shots vs. campaigns).


Playing Characters Gamers Hate

  There is one thing I can say on the internet in game spaces that I know will garner immediate eye rolls and groans of “oh, you’re one of those players.” All I have to say is, “I play kender.” Visions of spotlight hogging, thieving, obnoxious, self absorbed players dance into everyone’s minds like sugar plums the night before Christmas. Yet, when I take the way that I play a kender at the table and apply it to a different character trope, like a magical girl who’s a little hyper, or a hengeyokai rogue, folks have fun and no...

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Uh Oh! Monsters! More Fun For No Thank You, Evil!

You all remember that wonderful game for kids and families with various ages — No Thank You, Evil!? I am delighted to tell you now the newest set of accompanying resources is currently on preorder from Monte Cook Games. Full disclosure: they sent me a PDF to review for this article, which of course I was thrilled to get because this game is great for my own small person. If you haven’t encountered No Thank You, Evil! before, it’s a kid oriented RPG with multiple levels of play difficulty for accommodating families and growing children. There is a d6...

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Twenty Six Point Five Shades of Scarlet – The First Gnome Stew Gamer Romance Novel!

Back in 2015, we teased a project we had been considering for quite some time, a foray into writing Gamer Romance novels that focused on Gnome Centric erotica. Too long had Vampire erotica and Elven erotica taken the mainstage, it was time for the mighty gnomes to get some sexy times! It took us a while to get into production, but we proudly present our very first gnomrotica gamer romance novel – Twenty Six Point Five Shades of Scarlet! Lovingly written by Gnomes Troy E. Taylor, Senda Linaugh, Matthew Neagley, and J.T. Evans, our nearly 50 pages of hot...

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Class Reskinning: Playing What You Want When It’s Not In The Rules

Sitting down to a game of Dungeon World, I don’t know what playbook I am going to pick up, but I do know that inspiration struck me in the Misdirected Mark chat room the night before and there is a flavor I have planned for whatever character I grab. Blade Singer. I don’t know what it means yet, although I have some images in my mind of valkyries singing as they descend with swinging swords from the heavens. I’m thinking through the play books as I look them over: the fighter, that one’s pretty clear as the blades work....

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Story, Please! – Have Adventure, Will Travel

Along the same lines as Evil Hat’s It’s Not My Fault deck, Monte Cook Games’ new Story, Please! deck is a game inspiration deck or randomizer for the ENnie award winning No Thank You, Evil!. If you haven’t encountered No Thank You, Evil!, it’s a kid oriented RPG with multiple levels of play difficulty for accommodating families and growing children. It’s a d6 system with pools of points that you can use to adjust the difficulty of a problem you’re encountering by “trying harder,” and it plays fast and loose and light for short games (and short attention spans)....

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Players Setting Precedent

The cat’s tail flicks as she crouches low in the garden. Her eyes are wide in concentration, unblinking, getting a good cat butt wiggle moving in the back. She pounces, catches the fluttering white butterfly in her mouth, and trots off triumphantly towards the mansion…and at this point, John puts his pencil in his mouth and ratchets up our experience of the game. I’ve been lucky enough to play in some games recently with some extremely good role players — people with the chops to just take an idea by the horns and commit, setting a precedent for role...

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It’s Not The Size That Counts
(It’s How You Use It)

Short form games are a newer type of RPG that I find fascinating.  Rather than the standard convention slot of a one shot clocking in at four hours, slipping a short game in can happen practically anywhere in nearly any amount of time.  Most recently my fascination led me to experiment with running five minute RPGs on the convention floor of Denver Comic Con for just about anyone I could catch. It was an interesting experience, and helped me distill the unprepped short game to what I would consider the absolute key components: Player engagement You don’t have a...

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The Art of the Off the Wall Con Game

Renaissance Venice is sinking. Our heroes meet in a square, trying to form a plan to save the already historic city.  The pigeons settle around them, until one particular bird arrives with a message tied to its leg. My players immediately laugh, joking that the pigeon is itself the bad guy — and in this moment, the name that my villain goes by immediately changes to “the Pigeon.” His method of communication is now purely by pigeon and no one knows who he really is. But why stop there?  The submersible is shaped like a clam; the players tell...

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