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The article you just read was written by a Gnome Stew reader. We can’t say which one in this bio, since the bio appears with all guest articles, but whoever they are we can all agree that they possess supernatural beauty and magical powers, and are generally awesome. Gnome Stew readers rock!


Today’s guest article is by Gnome Stew reader Kyle, a long-time role-player who lives out his days in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He has played many different games and GMs more than he plays. Thanks, Kyle! –Martin Not that kind of fresh blood. Not the kind that means you bring in new players to every campaign that you run. Rather the new blood that says “We are going to try something different.” While I am a huge fan of the baseline games that […]


Today’s guest article is by Gnome Stew reader Azrof Darkwood, and it’s all about PC advancement and different ways to handle it within the boundaries established by a particular — and common — style of play. Thanks, Azrof! –Martin Disclaimer: Many tabletop roleplaying games include a risk-reward system. As PCs advance in power, they are given opportunities to take on ever-increasing challenges in exchange for enhanced rewards. These rewards might take the form of character points (to enhance the player character), goods (such as funds […]


Today’s guest article is by Jeff Lees, who posts on the Stew as Leesplez. Jeff lives and works in NYC and has been GMing for about 9 years. This is Jeff’s second article for the Stew (his first was Saying Isn’t Feeling: Evoking Emotional Engagement in Players. Thanks, Jeff! –Martin Improvisation is an essential part of role-playing games, for both the players and the game master. Many GMs, myself included, love improvisation, and we rely on it to fill in the holes we decided to […]


Today’s guest author, Aaron Renfroe (whose Battle Boards I reviewed last year, is the owner and operator of Custom RPG and has been in the storytelling business for 17 years. He has plans to write a series of articles for Gnome Stew and is currently working on crafting his own setting. Thanks, Aaron! –Martin Character meta-mechanics are the elephant in the room in most roleplaying games. By character meta-mechanics, I mean those mechanisms that exist to protect and advance characters in ways that interfere with […]


Today’s guest article is by Aaron Ryyle, and it’s on a topic that comes up in just about every fantasy campaign: travel, and how to make it fun. Thanks, Aaron! –Martin Many Game Masters of fantasy games enjoy creating vast, wild worlds for their players to adventure in — I am one of them. In such a world, however, travel times can become extremely important…something we often forget to consider until our players actually hire a ship to take them to that far-away land. I […]


Today’s guest article is by Jeff Lees, who posts on the Stew as Leesplez. Jeff’s a young whippersnapper who lives and works in New York City as a psychological researcher. He’s been GMing consistently for about 9 years and feels that his weekly GURPS game and lack of curly mustache are the only things keeping him from becoming a hipster. Thanks, Jeff! –Martin One of the primary roles of a GM is to serve both as the players’ senses and the interpreter of their senses. […]


Today’s guest author, Jim Dattilo, writes interactive fiction about zombies and Apocalypses, often combining the two. As a lifelong gamemaster, he runs Vampire: The Masquerade and AD&D 3.5 campaigns, never combining the two (well, almost never). He lives in Philadelpha with his wife, Vicki. Thanks, Jim! –Martin As a kid, I was hooked on tabletop roleplaying games and “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. As an adult, I’m still hooked on RPGs, and now I write interactive fiction. I have always been fascinated with player choice […]