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John Arcadian is a freelance writer and art director, a website developer, a builder of sonic screwdrivers, and a purveyor of kilted mayhem. When he isn't out causing trouble in his kilt... Well, no, that is pretty much what he does when he isn't running RPGs or or trying to take over the world.

Gnome Stew’s Gencon 50 Photopalooza! asd

Gnome Stew’s Gencon 50 Photopalooza!!!

Many of us Gnomes just got back from the 50th Gen Con, but many of us Gnomes were unable to attend for one real life reason or another. We know that is the case for many gamers out there. It was a packed Gen Con, but a lot of us didn’t get to make it to the historic event. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! We made it our mission to take as many pictures as we could during the event, cataloging and showcasing everything we could find as we went along our merry Gnomish ways. We pulled...

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Social Anxiety at Large Conventions asd

Social Anxiety at Large Conventions!!

  It’s August 8th, 2017 and Gen Con is about a week away. I’m going through all of my pre-Gen Con rituals – planning for the Gnome Stew dinner at St. Elmo’s and the ENnies immediately afterwards, getting the books and materials for the games I’m running compacted into better traveling boxes, setting up the tech equipment for the booths of the companies I help out, cursing the fact that I haven’t planned for any games to actually play in, etc. One of the rituals I undergo is figuring out how to get my social up and actually enjoy...

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Simple Tricks – Using Google To Blow Your Players’ Minds asd

Simple Tricks – Using Google To Blow Your Players’ Minds!!

While over at the house of my friend and fellow game writer and gnome, Tracy Barnett, I recently found my eyes wandering to his map of “haunted” locations in Ohio. He had picked up the map as a resource so that he could travel to different locations near him as weekend trips and see different places that were haunted or the sources of urban legends. Looking at that map planted a seed in my brain for a gaming concept – using Google to blow your players minds. I’m a big fan of running modern day or recent time period...

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Review And Giveaway — Mortzengersturm,The Mad Manticore Of The Prismatic Peak asd

Review And Giveaway — Mortzengersturm,The Mad Manticore Of The Prismatic Peak!!

So you’ve read that title, you’ve seen the sixties-riffic art, and you’re curious about what exactly this thing is. That was how The Hydra Cooperative hooked me when they sent us a request to do a review of their 5e adventure Mortzengersturm,The Mad Manticore Of The Prismatic Peak. I’m going to pick apart this quirky adventure for you here, but if you’re interested in seeing it yourself, go leave a comment on the post and we’ll automatically enter you into the random draw to receive a physical copy of the 32 page adventure! What Is It? One look at...

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Why You Should Donate To A Library Or Community Gaming Program asd

Why You Should Donate To A Library Or Community Gaming Program!!

Today’s guest article is a joint venture of Gnome-In-Chief John Arcadian and Lori Caskey-Sigety of the Middlebury, Indiana library. Lori reached out to us about the possibility of donating to their gaming program, so we donated some books and some miniatures to the program, then we pulled Lori into helping us write an article about why library and community gaming program donations are important. It is no secret that I’ve always been a fan of libraries, especially when it comes to gaming. Libraries are a great place to use the community rooms and play games at, and the trend...

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Twenty Six Point Five Shades of Scarlet – The First Gnome Stew Gamer Romance Novel! asd

Twenty Six Point Five Shades of Scarlet – The First Gnome Stew Gamer Romance Novel!!!

Back in 2015, we teased a project we had been considering for quite some time, a foray into writing Gamer Romance novels that focused on Gnome Centric erotica. Too long had Vampire erotica and Elven erotica taken the mainstage, it was time for the mighty gnomes to get some sexy times! It took us a while to get into production, but we proudly present our very first gnomrotica gamer romance novel – Twenty Six Point Five Shades of Scarlet! Lovingly written by Gnomes Troy E. Taylor, Senda Linaugh, Matthew Neagley, and J.T. Evans, our nearly 50 pages of hot...

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Updated Hands On With Heroforge Premium Grey Plastic Review and Giveaway asd

Updated Hands On With Heroforge Premium Grey Plastic Review and Giveaway!!

When Hero Forge first came out with their 3D printed miniatures, I did an interview with the creators and backed them on Kickstarter. I used my Kickstarter codes to order miniatures for review and I did a review of the miniatures from stem to stern, showing what they looked like by getting miniatures made of my gaming group. A few months back, Hero Forge sent me complimentary codes for their new Premium “Grey” plastic option. It took me a while to get them painted and prepped, but here is an update to the previous review. Overall Thoughts The Premium...

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Fiasco To Teach Gaming To New Players asd

Fiasco To Teach Gaming To New Players!!

A month or so back, my friend Nicole wanted me to help her get into Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop roleplaying in general. She had already been seeding the idea among some friends of ours, and I had a group of interested people who were all new, or practically new to tabletop roleplaying. They were eager to learn, but their experiences were all pretty tangential to what D&D was. Some of us had played some Fiasco before, and in talking with the players about what they were unsure of in the upcoming game, I struck upon an idea —...

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A Simple Thing To Lift You Up – DIY Flight Stands asd

A Simple Thing To Lift You Up – DIY Flight Stands!!

A few of my games have recently involved players using flying options to help overcome opponents. I’ve used multiple options like old dice boxes, glasses turned upside down, and small pieces of paper to mark someone who is flying. I put a bit of brain power into making something that would serve the purpose and be pretty cheap. So, here are my DIY flight stands. DIY Flight Stand Recipe One pack of Cheap Plastic Pens Elevator Bolts Plastic Bases or squares Hot Glue The assembly is pretty easy, and the Elevator Bolts are the key to this. With a...

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Dungeonology Review and Giveaway asd

Dungeonology Review and Giveaway!!

We recently got a review copy of the Dungeonology book by Candlewick Press and Matt Forbeck. It’s a D&D companion book aimed at a setting specific overview of the Forgotten realms and general D&D concepts. Written by Matt Forbeck with an introduction by Ed Greenwood, the book is a pretty interesting and interactive look at the Forgotten Realms and D&D tropes in general. There are many pop up and interactive elements, including a gigantic map of the sword coast.Some of the elements are just for extra tactile effect and to create interactivity for a younger audience, while some like...

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Gnome Stew at Queen City Conquest asd

Gnome Stew at Queen City Conquest!!

  This year, a preponderance of Gnomes will be attending Buffalo, New York’s Queen City Conquest convention. While Western New York is home to a larger than normal sample of the Gnomes, many of the Gnomes will be flying and driving in to check out this convention by the waterfall. If you are going to be at QCC, where can you find Gnomes? Angela Murray Due to buying a house and other craziness, Angela missed the deadline to submit official events to the convention, but she’s still coming prepared to run Monster of the Week for at least one...

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Gnome Stew At Gencon asd

Gnome Stew At Gencon!!

It’s that time of year again when Gen Con rolls around and calls gamers of all sorts to Indianapolis, Indiana for a solid week of gaming fun. Gnome Stew is, of course, not immune to the siren’s song of Gen Con and many of the Gnomes are going to be there running games, giving seminars, and doing awesome things. You know what is really cool about that? If you are there, we can meet up and get to know some of our readers! We also might be carrying some goodies to give out to any readers who come find us, so...

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Mini Review: Shadow of The Demon Lord and Interview With Robert J. Schwalb asd

Mini Review: Shadow of The Demon Lord and Interview With Robert J. Schwalb!!

Back at Origins 2016, I got a chance to sit down and play a game of Shadow of The Demon Lord with game creator Robert J. Schwalb. I sat down to play with a few other people and after our total party kill I convinced the other players to gang up on Robert Schawlb and tag-team interview him. So, here is a mini-review of what Shadow of The Demon lord is and an interview with the creator. Overview Shadow of the Demon Lord sits right at the center of what I’d consider an old school fantasy game. The themes...

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Mini Review Monday – Chariot and Claustrophobia! asd

Mini Review Monday – Chariot and Claustrophobia!!!

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for reviews of products and supplements. Doing reviews takes a decent bit of time, so we’ve decided to give you a small taste of what some of the things coming across our gnome sized desks are like in a Mini-review Monday.  For the first installment, here are our takes on two very different products that came our way. Claustrophobia! Claustrophobia! was sent to us by Rodney Sloan of Rising Phoenix games. It looked interesting and it featured Gnomes… of course I was intrigued. Starting in on checking out the 28 page...

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Tackling The Tarrasque With 15 Rounds And A Rabbit asd

Tackling The Tarrasque With 15 Rounds And A Rabbit!!

As I’ve been getting pulled farther and farther back into the D&D 5e fold, I’ve taken to running more interesting concept games alongside the longer form mini-series campaigns I like to do. I’ve also been running a lot of games for the group of teens at the Worthington library through the Knights of the Northwest program. Since the teens there are always up for a challenge, I decided to bring out something I’ve always wanted to do in a Dungeons and Dragons game – a fight against the Tarrasque as the end point to an adventure. A Super Quick...

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