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John Arcadian is the head of Silvervine Games, a freelance writer and art director, a website developer, a builder of sonic screwdrivers, and a purveyor of kilted mayhem. When he isn't out causing trouble in his kilt... Well, no, that is pretty much what he does when he isn't running RPGs or or trying to take over the world.

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Whenever I run a game, I want to make sure it is the best possible game I can run. I want players walking away talking about it and ready for the next session. Maybe 1 in 5 games goes this way, even when I wing it, but it is always rewarding when it all comes together. The other week I was talking to a friend of mine who is getting into GMing. He was lamenting the lack of positive response to his games. We talked […]


When my gaming group and I see that a game is going to fall through because some people didn’t show or the Game Master wasn’t feeling it that night, we default to a card game called Sentinels Of The Multiverse. One of the biggest draws of this game is that it is cooperative. No one has to run it, the enemies actions are controlled by drawing from a terrain deck and a villain deck, determining what happens and what damage is dealt based on the […]


 I’ve been a brony since around season 2. It was a surprise to me, but after watching a few episodes while trying to figure out what this brony thing was about, I became hooked. I used to work in the TV industry and wanted to work in kids TV because I realized how influential it could be on young minds. And here, in a show that was seemingly for little girls, were a slew of clever jokes, great messages for girls and guys alike, and […]


The cleric has long been a time honored tradition of Dungeons and Dragons, and pony clerics are no different. With multiple gods to choose from including celestia, celestia, luna, twillight sparkle, and of course the correct choice – celestia, pony clerics are an incredible addition to any pony party.     There are many interesting options for pony clerics in D&D next, and we can’t dish details on all of them. Here are some enticing tidbits.   OBEY – Like dominate, force someone to obey […]


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ― Ernest Hemingway GM’s day was just a few days ago, and I was pleased to be thanked on social media by a few people I’d run for in the past. It’s nice to get recognition for the work we put into running games and helping to enable the fun of our players. (You could always go buy your GM something nice from the Drive […]


I’ve been thinking about one of my writing foibles recently, being too loquacious and long-winded when I write out a sentence like this one that keeps going on and on to convey a topic better revealed in smaller chunks. Wheww. It’s just the way my brain strings things together, but when it comes to gaming, I’m so much more about getting things done quickly. It’s great. Being brief gets you to the point. The white spaces fill themselves in. You don’t have to do as […]


A few days ago, I came across a kickstarter for a thing I’ve known was coming in the next few years and dreamed of doing if I ever won the lottery – combining 3d printed miniatures with the character creators from various mmorpgs. Imagine being able to use sliders and create a custom 3d model, then print it out as a 3d miniature. Technology has been getting there, and Hero Forge is actually making it happen. On Sunday, I did a video interview with Joshua […]