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A father, husband, writer, small-press publisher, former RPG industry freelancer, and lifelong geek, Martin has been gaming since 1987 and GMing since 1989. You can find out a bit more about him on his personal website.


Happy holidays from all of us here at the Stew! Thank you for reading and commenting on our articles. It means a lot to us! Warm wishes, and may your holidays be joyful.


Before I moved to Seattle, my group in Utah wrapped up a Dresden Files campaign that ranks as one of my all-time favorites — specifically, a round robin sandbox with our city’s history built collaboratively using Microscope. Round robin GMing was on my gaming bucket list, and it’s something that often comes up when GMs are sitting around chatting, so I wanted to share my impressions here in case it’s something you’ve been curious about as well. A dash of context Prior to this campaign, […]


The folks at Evil Hat Productions asked me if I’d like to review their newest Dresden Files RPG book, The Paranet Papers (TPP), and being a big Dresden fan I jumped at the chance. Evil Hat sent me a print copy of the book to review, and 2,000 words later, here we are! Let’s get started. Pre-review notes I like folks to have an idea of where I’m coming from before reading my reviews. In this case: Like I said up top, I’m a Dresden […]


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Preorders for our newest book, Focal Point: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions, are chugging right along! We’ve taken 63 preorders so far — thank you to everyone who has preordered so far! Ebook versions Our graphic designer and tech guru, Darren Hardy, has finished the ebook and plain text versions of Focal Point! The delay was my fault, not his; this has been a rough, busy year. When you preorder, the digital edition you’ll receive within 24 hours now includes: DRM-free, […]